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Congratulations to Jiangsu Sinocera Hoyi Technology Co., Ltd opening!
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Congratulations to Jiangsu Sinocera Hoyi Technology Co., Ltd opening!

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The morning of October 15, 2016, in the city of Jiangyin Xu Xiake Town Huang Tang Industrial Park, Jiangsu Sinocera Hoyi Technology Co., Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Shandong Sinocera Functional 
  The morning of October 15, 2016, in the city of Jiangyin Xu Xiake Town Huang Tang Industrial Park, Jiangsu Sinocera Hoyi Technology Co., Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Shandong Sinocera Functional Material Co.,Ltd- held the opening ceremony. Sinocera Hoyi focuses on the development, production and sales of silver pastes and aluminum pastes; it is the main domestic enterprise of conductive paste for crystalline silicon solar cell production, technology& equipment achieving an advanced class in the world.
  The general manager-Mr.Shen Yang of Sinocera Hoyi gave a specific report on the future development plans, company relocation, capacity expansion& renovation. The opening ceremony started at 11:18am, the mayor of the Xu Xiake town-Mr.Wang Guanghua and Sinocera Chairman-Mr.Zhang Xi jointly inaugurated for Sinocera Hoyi!
  The establishment of Jiangsu Sinocera Hoyi Technology Co., Ltd is a new start for Sinocera, based on the accumulated electronic paste technology and market advantages, Sinocera Hoyi with the strong competitiveness and vitality, will open a new chapter for Sinocera development.
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